How to increase your E-commerce Business Profits by at least 10% in 1 Month by Automating Productivity Management through an advanced work analytics system

“How ENTELCOM, an e-commerce company, went from having low productivity, low profitability and a high rent cost to eliminating office rent, working anywhere, leaving productivity management on autopilot mode and skyrocketing their profits over 30% in 1 month by automating productivity management through an advanced work analytics system”. In this article I am going to

¿How to increase your e-commerce business profit margin and productivity by at least 10% in one month or less? Guaranteed or your money back!

If you are still paying office rent, I presume this is hurting your profits. Today, technology allows you to completely eliminate or at least reduce costs in office rent. Remote work is a megatrend and if remote teams are properly managed, the benefits are countless. The first benefit is that you will not have to

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