Simplify the management of your team with ClowdWork.

Activity and job eficiency management

With Clowdwork you can track the productivity of all your employees, freelancers or contractors in seconds via activity logs.

This feature allows you to track the productivity of each company member to verify that their activities are carried out in the most efficient way possible and that they contribute to achieving your short, medium and long-term goals.

Tracking each freelancer or contractors work hours in customizable time periods

With Clowdwork you can directly verify the number of hours that team members work during specific periods of time. You can also see how much of that time is dedicated to productive tasks.

Focus on growing your business and let ClowdWork manage your team’s productivity! ClowdWork is an easy to use application that generates timesheets, screenshots and URLs, while measuring productivity levels without the need for user interaction.


  • Track work progress in real time: Check how the work you have assigned is progressing and make sure your team is on the right track, all on one easy to use platform.
  • Identify areas for improvement: Identify positive habits and areas for improvement by viewing detailed reports in ClowdWork. The metrics ClowdWork generates provide you with key information to estimate project deadlines, plan and grow in the future.

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