ClowdWork has several features, all focused on making your team productive from anywhere!

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Daily productivity reports


ClowdWork’s automatic reports allow real-time monitoring of the time invested in activities that add value to the company. The daily productivity report shows the percentage of time spent using productive programs and applications. The reports can be customized to view by department or the company as a whole over a specified period.

Use of working time


This report tracks the use of working time as it shows all the applications, tools, software and websites that have been accessed, specifying the exact time invested in each of them. ClowdWork automatically tracks all team members regardless of location and gives a breakdown by URL or app so you can easily identify if working time is being spent wisely.

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real time daily activity reports

Automatic Productivity Agent (for Windows, MacOS and Linux)

This report shows the time invested in productive and non-productive activities, work outside the computer (manual or offline) and allows you to easily identify the amount of time that your team is dedicating to productive activities each day, or any specified time period.

Remote Employee Management

ClowdWork specializes in automatic management of office or remote work productivity. You can focus on growing your business as ClowdWork takes care of efficiency and productivity. With ClowdWork, you can reduce costs in physical facilities by successfully implementing flexible or remote work models. It is easy to use and generates metrics automatically to improve efficiency, as well as generating automatic screenshots to track work in real time, report usage of URLs and applications, and much more!

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detailed application usage report

24/7 team member activity analysis

ClowdWork automatically tracks your team’s activity and provides objective strategic metrics that allow you to increase corporate efficiency and implement flexible or remote work models. These reports allow you to see the amount of time any team member invests in productive and unproductive activities, private activities, work off the computer and their idle time.

Productivity measurement

ClowdWork also allows you to determine how much time is spent on different tasks to determine your payroll cost and allows you to visualize your team’s workload and anticipate bottlenecks that could translate into delays in processes or projects.

automatic process costing

Automatic processes analysis with Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence module automatically calculates the time invested in any company task, project or process. This means you can cost projects with precision to optimize corporate profitability. With ClowdWork, these processes are performed remotely and efficiently, significantly reducing costs and widening profit margins.

productivity tracking with screenshots

Optional screenshots

This feature allows you to see how work is progressing with automatic screenshots at regular intervals, ensures that daily activity is in line with company priorities and objectives. This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time.

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