Flexible schedule or remote work team management

Leave your company’s productivity management to ClowdWork! Having the ClowdWork productivity agent installed in your company allows you to easily switch between office work, flexible work or remote work. Regardless of where your team are located, you will be able to access the productivity metrics in real time, allowing you to manage your work as efficiently as possible.

Management indicators one click away!

Just enter the Clowdwork platform with your username and password from any device and you can access the performance metrics for your entire company.

The reports allow you to identify which tasks represent the greatest investment of time or cost and allow you to analyze whether these activities really add value and contribute to meeting corporate targets.


  • Accurately track the time spent on tasks and projects: ClowdWork’s automatic reports allow you to record the start and end times of each team member’s workday, track the use of work time, idle time, as well as your offline or computer activities. All these reports can be downloaded in PDF and CSV format to present reports to the management or board of directors.
  • Monitoring of productive and non-productive activities: Manage the performance of your local or remote teams anytime, anywhere with reports that allow you to easily identify the time spent on productive or non-productive activities for each user or department.
  • Calculation of time spent on work activities: Checking the amount of time spent on activities such as checking your email or searching for a document in a folder stack can help implement changes that may positively impact efficiency, productivity and profitability. These are often considered insignificant daily activities, but they may be more time-consuming and costing more than you think!
  • Complete Information Security: We comply with all international security industry standards to protect the information of our users. We use login and password protection measures, security encryption and the highest-level servers.

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