If you are still paying office rent, I presume this is hurting your profits. Today, technology allows you to completely eliminate or at least reduce costs in office rent. Remote work is a megatrend and if remote teams are properly managed, the benefits are countless. The first benefit is that you will not have to pay office rent at all, or at least, this cost can be reduced. As with all the new work models, it comes with challenges but they are all easy to overcome with the right tools.

For the success of remote work, you need:

  1. Reinforce trust.
  1. Transparency: Understanding how a team uses working time is essential to reinforce trust and for a leader to be able to align the members of his team with the activities that really contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the area or the company.
  2. Respect for the working hours– Both ways! The team is expected to contribute to the company during a significant part of the working day, but the company is also expected to ensure fair working hours that respect the healthy balance between work and personal life of its team members.
  3. Self-management skills: Understanding how work time is used is essential to improve self-management skills.
  4. A place to work productively – Having a work space in which a person can concentrate.

If one of the above is not fulfilled, at any time, the survival of the company or of these new ways of working will be threatened.

The good news is that by making sure you have the next, not only will you be able to succeed with your remote team, but also you will be able to increase your e-commerce business productivity and profitability by at least 10% in one month or less.

  1. Know what your team is spending time on to align it with the activities that add value to the company. The team’s priorities are not always the same as the leaders! 2. Make sure that all team members are contributing in a tangible and measurable way to achieving the results. This may go unnoticed at first, but the time will come when, if everyone is not contributing, it will threaten the survival of the company.
  2. Guarantee respect for the working day – both ways
  3. Help team members improve self-management
  4. Identify workloads and objectively determine if you have the right number of people on a team for the existing level of work.

But, how do you achieve that? Simple! ClowdWork is a fully automatic work analytics software that leaves productivity on autopilot mode and guarantees to impact your profits.

Implementing ClowdWork is essential. Some people may think that this is a monitoring or control tool and they could not be MORE WRONG!! A work analytics software like ClowdWork allows you to;

  1. Reinforce trust.
  2. Provide transparency on the use of working time allowing team members to be focused on the activities that add value to the company.
  3. Make sure that all team members are contributing in a tangible and measurable way to meeting the objectives.
  4. Understand work patterns to guarantee respect for the working day in both ways
  5. Help team members to improve their self-management skills, to be more efficient!
  6. Identify workloads and determine the number of people required in each area based on the level of workload.
  7. Identify the most and least productive members to encourage the most committed and help the less so!

Get ClowdWork now and start skyrocketing your productivity and profits in 1 month or less! Guaranteed or your money back!

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