At our company we started to introduce remote working models in 2008 and today we want to share the reasons why it has worked, resulting in a happier, more motivated and more productive team.

Recently the CEO of IBM made the decision to end almost a decade of remote work, in favor of the argument that a team that works in one place will be more inspired and more creative.

After this news, questions arose for all those companies considering implementing remote work or teleworking. Some companies are still suspicious of these models despite the advantages such as lower costs and improved quality of life for collaborators.

In fact, studies have proven that remote work results in better productivity. However, it is essential that the appropriate measures are taken for its implementation so that a company optimizes its performance in all aspects.

When implementing remote work in our company:

We created meeting spaces

Even if the majority of a team favors working from home, it is very important that team members interact regularly to generate ideas and not lose the camaraderie

Awareness days were held

These days are used to talk with the families of the collaborators so that they respect the working hours of our team members even though they are working from home.

We use technology to evaluate the performance of collaborators objectively.

Confidence in the model was generated through this transparent and objective method of evaluation, which has guaranteed the company leaders’ credibility in the model and has allowed team members to tangibly show their contribution to corporate goals.

What we believe IBM has not recognized is that the concepts of remote work and a creative team with a sense of belonging to the company are not mutually exclusive. Remote work should be implemented in a supplementary way in which some days in the office are combined with tasks that require interaction and other days at home for activities that require greater focus.

With the support of the collaborators’ families, in addition to a technological solution, it is much easier to be disciplined, achieve efficient self-management and provide transparency that generates confidence on behalf of the leaders in the model.

Above all, it is essential to empower people to improve their discipline and have better control over their work routines. In this way, objectives can be achieved while achieving a better work-life balance.

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