Different countries have established different requirements for remote or teleworking and in many cases companies have seen these requirements as a barrier to implementation. However, the current situation with COVID-19 sees a solution in this model to reduce the number of people on public transport and in offices. It is, therefore, a powerful method to reduce the spread of the virus. Given this, some governments have relaxed the rules and are crying out for companies to adopt this new way of working.

Given the need for urgency, we wanted to review the four fundamental aspects that must be taken into account:

  • Organizational aspects: Among which is the adequate selection of the profile of people who have the discipline, self-management and adequate profile to work remotely.
  • Legal aspects: Generation of legal modifications that remote work requires, including the principles that govern the model within express modifications in the employment contract.
  • Technological aspects: Anything that allows timely constant communication between the team, secure transfer of information, videoconferences and cloud storage, among others.
  • Objective management of productivity and improvement in self-management: For this, there is low-cost software on the market that allow fully automatic productivity management for both office and remote personnel, including

Clowdwork.com.Although there are several aspects that must be taken into account to implement new ways of working, the current situation leads companies to utilize this option with the minimum requirements and changes possible. This leads to the conclusion that in this particular situation, it would be enough to determine all those roles that can be executed remotely, equip these people with the appropriate technology so that they can carry out their functions, maintain secure communication channels and implement productivity management mechanisms that guarantee compliance with corporate objectives.

Caring for people is a corporate responsibility given that they are their most valuable asset and the world today is crying out for remote work, not only to reduce the possibility of contagion but also to help the environment by avoiding unnecessary commutes. As if this were not enough, this will also contribute to a better lifestyle in which people can work to live but do not have to live to work and move to and from their workplaces.

At ClowdWork we have more than 12 years of experience in technology for office and remote work management, so if productivity management is a barrier to your company implementing this model, please do not hesitate to contact us – alexandra @ clowdwork. com – Mobile / WhatsApp: + 57 3002280279 – www.clowdwork.com. To contact your local partner, please write to us at partners@clowdwork.com and we will redirect you immediately!

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