Having access to daily productivity reports in real time means you can take action to make work more efficient. Once you take action, the daily productivity charts visualize the impact of these changes and allow you to constantly evaluate your team’s performance. Daily productivity refers to the percentage of time spent using productive programs and applications, calculated from the company’s working hours which can be easily configured in the graph.

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Understanding how daily productivity evolves gives you the opportunity to optimize work to reach personal and company objectives as it allows more time to be spent on activities that really add value.

This information makes it easier to manage resources and distribute tasks fairly. This report is available in chart or table format and the results can be filtered by choosing any department, team member or project in any desired time range and those metrics can be easily downloaded in PDF or CSV format with a single click.

This information is key to managing your company as it allows you to define strategies and ensure that each manager or team member understands the objectives and focuses all their work on achieving them.