Clowdwork shows you the exact time spent on each application, tool, software or website used during the workday.

ClowdWork provides detailed reports on how teams are investing their work time

With Clowdwork, you can check how many times your team uses a specific software, application, tool or website.

The best way to achieve your company objectives is to ensure that your team’s activities are aligned with them. ClowdWork offers 24/7 monitoring, increasing the focus on the tasks required to meet your goals and detecting activity that may hinder efficiency.

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1) This report can be generated automatically for office and remote personnel, so it allows all members of your company to be productive wherever they are.

2) ClowdWork allows you to see the percentage of working time that a member, department or the company as a whole invests in activities that add value to the business.

3) Measuring and costing of time spent on specific tasks.

ClowdWork respects the privacy of its users

At ClowdWork, user privacy is vitally important.
The first step towards maintaining privacy is to inform all team members that the productivity agent will be installed to support them in completing their work more efficiently and to ensure that their activities are in line with company goals. Additionally, ClowdWork has a “Private Mode” for when users want to carry out their personal activity. When this mode is activated, all activity logs are suspended.