ClowdWork is an automated productivity and time tracking software for remote teams that generates metrics of work time usage to help members of a company focus on activities that add value and contribute to achieving objectives. It also allows you to keep records of hours worked to know how much to pay contractors or freelancers.

ClowdWork automatically communicates with the operating system of the computers on which it is installed, generating a completely detailed report of the activity that each team member performs, processing this information to convert it into productivity metrics.

ClowdWork has native versions for Windows, MacOs, and Linux. We do not have a version for mobile devices such as tablets or phones.

Yes, ClowdWork uses encryption of all information to protect your data and complies with all security guidelines.

Yes, you can track time offline with ClowdWork. If you have intermittent internet connection, the software will automatically synchronize your data when you are back online.

With ClowdWork, you will have real-time productivity reports, including application usage, time worked, screen capture report, daily productivity, timesheets, etc.

We know that integrations are very important for our users and are on the roadmap. For now, we have an API that allows connections with other tools, but it is still a manual process that is approached specifically according to each customer’s requirements.

The technical team is working on this, and we hope it will be possible in the short term.

No, ClowdWork focuses on managing work productivity on computers with native versions for Windows, MacOs, and Linux.

For pricing information, please go to https://clowdwork.com/pricing/

Yes, ClowdWork offers a free 14-day trial for up to 5 users.

ClowdWork offers customer support through the email addresses soporte@clowdwork.com and support@clowdwork.com.

You can cancel your ClowdWork subscription at any time by sending a notification to the email address alexandra@clowdwork.com.

ClowdWork is suitable for both individuals and teams. In any case, it will be a great help to optimize the use of time and add efficiency and profitability to your business.

Yes, ClowdWork can be used to track billable hours for clients. You can generate reports that show the time spent on specific tasks or projects, which can then be used to bill clients accurately.

The initial setup will take around 10 minutes for the administrator and 3-5 minutes for general users. From there on, reports will be generated automatically, and it will be up to the administrator to review these reports when required.

Absolutely. Implementing ClowdWork will allow you to cost the time invested in projects or processes, detect bottlenecks or unnecessary work activities that may be affecting productivity. Time usage metrics allow for decision-making to improve and optimize processes.

Yes. Although some of ClowdWork’s functionalities are relevant to team productivity, many individual users can benefit from metrics to improve their self-management skills. ClowdWork helps understand how much time is being invested in certain tasks and keeps you focused on priority and important tasks.

Blocking certain websites is just the first step in increasing productivity. There are several factors that affect corporate efficiency, including constant interruptions, WhatsApp, etc. Currently, there are no measurements of how much these interruptions are costing the company. ClowdWork empowers team members to optimize time usage and provides strategic information to managers to improve efficiency.

There is a possibility. The implementation of ClowdWork, the generation of a more efficient and productive culture can initially generate some uncertainty for some team members. However, once the software is installed, transparency in work and recognition of patterns of unproductivity make people empowered and improve their work time management. Additionally, in most cases, team members understand that productivity management is key to accessing flexible or remote work models.

Yes, the report includes a table that shows the start and end time of all team members.

Manual time is the time added from the calendar that allows you to manage user downtime (time away from the computer) such as reading physical documents, business lunches, among others. On the platform, click on “Manual Time,” a calendar will appear. Simply click on the date the manual activity was performed, add the duration and details, and this information will be automatically loaded into the reports.

Once ClowdWork is installed, the software automatically captures all applications used by each user. To generate productivity metrics accurately, the software administrator must classify applications as productive, unproductive, or uncategorized. By default, ClowdWork takes all applications as productive. Only those that are unproductive need to be categorized. There is an additional category “Uncategorized.” It is a wildcard to leave some specific activity to be tracked in the reports. For example, if I want to know how much time and which team members use Facebook, I can mark Facebook in the application classification as “Uncategorized,” and it will show me Facebook usage in detail in the reports.

No, the agent only takes the application name, window title, and the time the user spent on that application. If the screenshot capture feature is activated, it will take a photo of the screen at regular intervals. There is an option to delete the screenshot for users if the software administrator enables it. This is recommended to safeguard user privacy.

Yes. The software allows you to set time windows for tracking. The administrator can easily configure this from the platform.

The agent handles 2 modes: 1. Interactive, which allows the software to be visible to the user, and 2. Silent, which keeps the software hidden so that the user cannot exit or log out. Even in this mode, if the installation was done through Active Directory or a package installer, the user is unaware that the software is installed.

You can create as many users as the company needs, but only the same number of licenses purchased can be active. The rest of the users will remain in the software but inactive.

Screen captures can be disabled from the user module. From there, you can define who to activate or deactivate screen captures for, and in the screen capture module, you can delete user screen captures. The administrator can also enable users to delete any screen captures they wish.

The agent detects user inactivity through its artificial intelligence, which allows it to know whether the user is using the computer or not within a certain time range. This is determined by the user’s inactivity with the mouse and keyboard.

Yes, the default inactivity time is set to 5 minutes, but the user can define whether this time should be higher or lower than the initial setting and can request a change from the ClowdWork team. We hope to soon enable the option for the change to be managed by the company’s administrator from the platform.

Yes, users can be grouped by areas, and these reports can only be viewed by administrators of each group. For example, the customer service area group. Aggregated reports can be generated for this group and can be accessed by their direct manager. They can also view individual reports for each member of their team. There is also the option of a general administrator who can access reports for all groups and members of the company.

Yes, all of our reports can be downloaded in Excel and PDF formats by clicking on the respective buttons at the top right of each report on the ClowdWork web platform.

This time varies according to the chosen plan.

The same application can be productive for one user and not productive for another. For example, Facebook can be categorized as productive for users who manage the company’s social media, but it may not be productive for users in other areas.

The tool is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  1. Minimum Windows 10 version
  2. At least 8GB of RAM
  3. 200MB of available hard disk space
  4. Minimum Core2 Duo processor

Yes. If you need help with this, please contact the ClowdWork team at support@clowdwork.com or soporte@clowdwork.com.

To install ClowdWork massively through Active Directory, the SID is required. To obtain the SID or identifier of each user in the Active Directory, you must go to the command.

ClowdWork monitors the use of work time and based on that it generates productivity indicators that show you if the activities are aligned with the company’s objectives. The platform has several reports that allow you to measure the productivity of office and remote teams. For example, you can take screenshots to track work progress (this is an optional feature).

The software does not record activities when people are not working or when private mode is enabled. The employer has the right to manage the use of working time during the hours established in the contract, provided that they respect out-of-work hours.