Manage your entire team’s productivity with ease!

With Clowdwork you can check the capacity and productivity of all the members of your team in a matter of seconds.

Performance metrics are highly valuable for work teams as they allow each collaborator to know where they can improve, and feedback is always better when backed up by data. ClowdWork’s productivity measurement metrics also help you plan your team’s work capacity ahead of time. Staying on top of performance metrics provides important benchmarks for strategic planning and setting realistic project completion deadlines.



1) Performance management. Feedback backed up by data is an easy way to show an employee their own personal strengths and where they need to get better.

2) Planning is another reason for having productivity metrics to hand. Knowing when and what deadlines are coming up and who might have time available is important for planning upcoming projects and work allocation.

3) Increasing efficiency. An obvious benefit to measuring productivity is knowing where and how you can eliminate time wastage.

4) Better client relations. Productivity metrics are a great tool for getting your clients to understand exactly what a project or engagement costs your company. It also increases transparency and confidence in them knowing you are able to show and prove everything you bill them for.